Matt Maiwald and Robyn Ducote – Coeur d’Alene, Idaho Idaho


Matt was the love of my life. I gave him my all and his two boys as well. My career started to take off and he didn’t like to see me successful making more money and having less time to coddle him. When he should have been proud he was weak and discusted he became very different using more and more stimulants losing clients daily due to his inconsistencies. He told me I worked too much and was too tired all of the time. I felt off ever since the show season. He had me taking anabolics primo and anavar to keep my muscle mass while slimming down for the shows. I had no Idea it would change me unbalance me and make my sex drive non existant around march of 2016 he started coming home late and sleeping with his phone next to him in bed. He had to have sex every night making rude comments when I was tired or just plain not in the mood. He was different not the amazing Matt I knew at the time I was to blame for the energy between us. I couldn’t then but my finger on what it was but now it’s all so clear. Matt sleeps with his clients he was a cheater all along. His insecutities came from the fact that he was lying to me he strung me along told me if I didn’t try harder we were done I gave that bastard everything he ever asked of me and then some I let work slow down I became the sexy woman he wanted in and out of the bedroom I started counseling and read books about how to be a better lover. One day I gave him a massage at work very professional he paid and left. When I came home he was gone not a word for the next week nothing. I needed validation a drink something to take my mind of where he could possibly be. When I did finally talk with him he said he was moving I could keep the home as long as I payed the rent so I agreed I went on a few dates to stay distracted. He came over every morning called and text so I moved as well I wish I could say that’s all but. For the next two three months he couldn’t let me be said it’s wrong for me to stay away made sure I knew how bad I was hurting him and how dare I date another man so soon after him. I felt bad like I was hurting him. But it was a choice he made my leaving. He wouldn’t let me get over him when I would see him he would pull me close tell me he loves me and kiss me passionately. Finally I gave in to my heart and I thought his. I went back to him talked and cried with him for hours. He told me he wasn’t the same without me and he was so happy I back. That was a Wednesday by Saturday he had his dick in robyn ducote. She knew we were getting back together and she worst of all manipulated me and made me sorry for her she facebooked me and told me he begged her into the bed we shared before we broke up the first time. That he begged her to leave her husband so she did and now she has nothing. I consoled her. She gave us a blessing and wished me happyness. She knew what she was doing aall along she knew she was in my bed with my man while I was at work to feed his kids. He knew and saw my hormones were not of and because of instruction by my coach. He told me everyday he loved me like he wasn’t whoring around. Keep your wives and daughters away from Matt he takes too many steroids and has a raging sex drive. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing he broke my heart and reeled me back in just to cheat on and lie to me again. Both of them well they deserve eachother. My heart is so broken not sure it will ever b the same again

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