Matthew Hallmeyer – Plant City, Florida Florida


Matthew hallmeyer, aka mark will, aka”business owner” at Neighbor’s Lawn and Landscape in Plant City, Florida likes slumming it in nearby Lakeland, Florida. He may be meeting up with his usual anonymous meet and f**k, courtesy of Craigslist, or when his raging methamphetamine habit allows, a paid encounter a la backpage. He also enjoys gossiping/whining to any unfortunate who will listen about whichever female has most recently”mistreated” him by refusing to entertain his overbearing stalker-esque advances, or even simply fails to indulge his obsessive fantasy land in which he relocates her to his palatial sleeper cabin….in a semi that’s parked in mommy’s front yard. || A home wrecker in the truest sense, he routinely sports his shining armor as assumes the knight’s role,”rescuing” the distressed damsel from her slacker boyfriend so that sir knight can ride with her off into the sunset… to his semi truck, while the rescued maiden starts planning her escape from the madness and meth psychosis should the opportunity ever present itself. Every woman unlucky enough to cross his path has run fast and far the first chance they got. Children don’t know him and don’t want to. Parents of ex wives and ex girlfriends pay their daughters to leave him. Once they do they never look back. Just smart enough to sound convincing… for about a week. Then it all becomes painfully clear that he’s nothing more than a pervert with a serious tendency towards pathological lying and a god complex… and he’ll play the hypocritical Christian to the hilt, so watch out. All talk, no action, and it will be your fault when the bullsh*t lies unravel and the pathetic reality is all that remains.

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