Matthew Humpherys – Caldwell, Idaho Idaho


Matthew Charles Humpherys aka Matt Humpherys, commonly misspelled as Matthew Humphreys or Matt Humphreys, is a chronic cheater, liar, criminal, addict, theif, rat, and overall piece of shit. He abandonned his wife after they got into an argument when she found out he was cheating on her. She delivered their child alone in the hospital and he refused to be there. This isn’t the first time that Matt has thrown away family by cheating. He has also missed all of the child’s appointments because he was in prison for drug-related crimes. Since his release, he missed the rest because he was getting high. He cheated on his wife again with a prostitute named Chucky, and then with Taylor Avery Adams, and finally with his own cousin, Lindsay Carnahan. He has been dating his cousin since 2017 and is getting a marriage license right now to marry her! How disgusting is that? He wants to father her children, when he couldn’t even take care of his own. He has been fucking her and committing incest. How nasty can you get? How can you turn away from your wife and child and go fu*k your cousin on the side? His own family is ashamed, and refuses to talk about his love affair with his own cousin. These two grew up around each other and knew they were cousins, but that doesn’t seem to bother them. It makes their entire family uncomfortable, but they don’t seem to care! Matt and his wife had been together for 8 years, and this wasn’t his first time cheating. Yeah we know, the wife should have left him, but she held out hope that he would change. As she and their child found out the hard way, he never will. Please stay away from this meth-slamming asshole. He has blamed his own wife on his drug addiction, yet when she moved to a different town he was still slamming by himself. He has never had a good job and kept it. He can talk to you all he wants about getting a house and getting a job, he never will! He just wants to sit on his ass slamming drugs while his girl makes bank and he sticks his d*ck in anything with a hole. Just look up his name on google and you will see his criminal rapsheet. Save yourself the heartbreak, steer clear of this maniac!

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