mattress discounters somewhere California Review


I bought a bed from Mattress discounters in San Jose California. I was not told at time of purchase the bed could not be returned. I was only told there was a “60 night guarentee””. I received the bed 2 days later. I couldnt even sleep in it one night. It was completely sagging in the middle. I called to find out how to return the bed

and they informed me that it would have to be cleared by the district Manger as all sales were final. I was then informed they couldnt do it either. I called their cutomer service number which is listed incorrectly and given yet another number. Their response is that I have to submiut a claim by email. No one has contacted me in over one week. Now I have a 1000.00 mattress that is defective and cant speak to a human being regarding the return. Visit the complaint websites and look at the reviews from customers. They are not favorable……In fact down right angry customers that have been duped by this compnay. They have also filed for Chapter 11 several times

maybe thats a good clue regarding their business practices.”

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