Mattress One Pearland TX Review


I went to Mattress One and bought about $460 worth of bedding and was told I could get 100 day free financing if paid monthly. I said that’s what I want and was told OK. After checking 5 months later when it should have been paid off, I called Snap Finance and was told I was on a 1 year payment plan and it would cost me over a $1,000 dollars. Even if I paid it off then it would still cost me 900 dollars. The contract I signed at mattress one for Snap Financing only showed they had 100 day financing or longer for a fee, but didn’t show what of the two that I signed up for and didn’t show I needed to do anything further, I took the word of the salesman who didn’t seem to like that I bought only a $200 mattress. It seemed like preditory fraud to tell me I was getting free finance for 100 days when I was stuck with over 100% finance charge for 1 year.

19060 Gulf Fwy Friendwood, Texas United States

(832) 224-9173

Financial Fraud

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