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I went to Matress One in Orange city,Florida to purchase a Bed I am under Doctors care and needed to get New bed because I will be ssspending alot of time there(CANCER PATIENT)The sales Person took Our Order and said the Bed would Be thnere Next day,Wellwhen the Deliverers came THey came in To 10 minutes said THey had to Hurry because of weather They were late making other Deliveries. I went to Bed later that night with Husband when He Sat on the Mattress it Makes a creeking erk noise -EVERYTIME YOU MOVE. I have no Gallbladder,No Right Kidney and am Now Facing THYroid Lymph node Cancer. I have called at least 23 times per Day and to NO Prevail do I YET TO HAVE MY 999.00 DOLLAR Bed .I looked uop Their review and wish I had done so earlier and I would not Have this Problem I never thought a COMPany could Steal from Sickly People. I am at a loss THey say no Rfefunds because I signed the Contract But They are Wrong the Salesperson Forgot toget Me to Sign <My care giver tried to Help But They Dismissed Her [email protected] Please Help ne I do Not Know if I will ever Be here Lng enough to see this through but Maybe Help other Customers Lorraine Tumenas

2621 Enterprise RD,suite200 Internet, Florida United States of America


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