Maureen AKA “Toby” – Pheonix, Arizona Arizona


This is Maureen a 23 year old single Mom who likes to leave her 15 month old son alone at night to hang out and drive my husband around. Their story has lots of holes in it but from what I can gather, they met at a strip club called Scores in Phoenix, where my husband was a VIP, who also did illegal business out of their VIP room. He needed someone to drive him around and in comes Toby. Now this girl starts spending time at my house under the guise of being his driver but I started hearing her words like “we” and the seeing red flags… || Then we get to the night Toby thought she would go sleep in the master bedroom with my husband, so I took pictures of them sleeping next to each other but it wasn’t until the next day as I am getting ready for work, I heard Toby and my husband having sex in the house with me home. Ladies, I lost my sh*t! Don’t think I didn’t attack her character as a Mom, leaving her kid wherever to come sleep with a married man… but the story doesn’t stop there. Since I attacked her character as a mom”Toby” thought it would be a good idea to bring her kid back to MY house and give me dirty looks like she owned the place. Let’s just say sometimes you gotta get a little bat shit crazy to get people to stop messing with you and I did! Whether she’s a stripper or an Uber driver… watch out ladies, she is NO GOOD!

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