Mayse’s Towing Review


This company said that they could lift a 53′ trailer that had fallen to the ground in order to hook it up to a truck. They send a small auto wrecker and a truck wrecker and tried to lift it from the side damaging the side of the trailer. They were told to stop. Another company was called and the other company supplied straps to lift the trailer. Rany Mayse attempted to charge $2,000 dollars the other company charged $884. When told that we would not pay that outrageous price, they parked the wrecker in fron of the truck to prevent the truck from moving. Finally they agreed to the same $884 as the other company and cashed the check, after cashing the check, they called back trying to collect more money. To sum up; They showed up with the wrong equipment, attempted to do the job not caring that they would damage property, and tried to collect more than twice what the other company charged. | BE AWARE, Do not call this company unless you want to get ripped off. | The company has a website:, an email: [email protected], tel. 937-394-2555 and fax 419-738-2154 | Charlie, Miston, Ohio


  • Name: Mayse’s Towing
  • Country: United States
  • State: Ohio
  • City: Anna
  • Address: 14643 State Rt 119
  • Phone: 937-394-2555
  • Website:

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