We bought the MAYTAG (now Whirlpool Corp.) Gas Range from Home Depot in January 2008. We started having trouble in Oct 2008, the oven would not work. Since that time we have had technicians out FOUR more times. The Range will work for a while and go out, or we will wait weeks and weeks for some “special”” part. It is now almost July 2009 with no resolution. nWe have a firm case for MAYTAG selling us a lemon but attorneys advise that this model (MGRH752CDS) is so cheap it is only worth going to to small claims court. We’ve told MAYTAG that’s where we are headed and all they offered to do was extend the warranty another year on this piece of junk and a $50 gift card. nMAYTAG says they will continue to work with us “”dilligently”” to fix this sorry product. Diligence doesn’t give us something to cook in. We waited almost a month for this last part only to find out it is the wrong thing. nOur advice to all consumers: DON””T BUY MAYTAG

Bad product

Bad service

Bad EXPERIENCE. Stay away from MAYTAG (and watch out now for MAYTAG junk with a WHIRLPOOL label on it). nTinanMONTGOMERY


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