Mayte Alonso – Pheonix, Arizona Arizona


My now EX boyfriend and I moved to AZ in March of this year with our 2 children. He started working at Univar in Phoenix on Monday May 22nd 2017 and that’s where he met this thing of a woman. On Saturday May 27th she displayed that she was highly easy by dropping her panties oh so quickly. Mind you ONE WEEK. One week of him taking her to get $3.00 lunches at McDonald’s. Clearly that’s her worth RIGHT there. Women no longer need to have not set standards for themselves before having sexy without protection apparently. So this mother of two girls knew about me and my family, excluding my son that he didn’t mention (What a man right?!) and proceeded to sleep with him. I found out about the loose panty dropper and reached out to her to find out what was going on. He lied and told her that we weren’t in a relationship, and I didn’t want to be with him. She, so naive believed him, poor thing. So this female apologizes and says she’s sorry and had no idea and that she was going to stop talking to him. So this is the good part… I advised her that I didn’t know who else he’d been with unprotected and that I was going to go get tested and that she should do the same. She asked me to call her with the results and we agreed. Sounds good right?! So I reach out to this poor excuse of a woman to advise her that he told me that he may have a venereal disease. The FIRST thing out of this 32 year old females mouth is “YOU’RE NOT STILL SLEEPING WITH HIM ARE YOU?!”? Like wait WHAT?! The little respect I had left for this female just vanished. She advised me that SHE INDEED IS STILL SLEEPING WITH HIM. She didn’t even have the self respect to WAIT for test results before dropping her panties AGAIN. So loose, so so loose. So my answer to her question was ABSOLUTELY NOT! This man chose to step out on OUR family, disrespect me and our house and went against HIS WORD. So at this point Mayte, he’s ALL YOURS, I’ve done my charity work being with him for the last SIX years. Yours is just beginning. As a mother, and a woman you should hold yourself, and your body at a higher standard. I’ve vested SIX YEARS, TWO KIDS with this man and WOULDN’T TAKE HIM back. What’s your excuse?! What ONE WEEK, time spent on your ONE WEEK hour lunch breaks?! Is that really all that your worth?! Is that really all it takes for you to give your body? That is a poor reflection of you to display as a woman for Kayla and Emily your two daughters. So while the test results are STILL pending, ponder on this…. the man that your sleeping with now lives in a shelter, lost his job, has clearly no respect for himself, his family or anyone else… his actions are a clear reflection of his character. You are a winner my dear. YOU HAVE WON! You have got yourself such a wonderful person! Between the examples that you and him set as a man and a woman your girls will grow into such VALUABLE LADIES. Way to set an example.

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