Mazda Motor Corporation Reviews & Complaints


17 months ago we purchased a 2012 Mazda 3 from Mazda of Orange. Wednesday 6-5-2013 I received a call from Larry Taylor one of the top Managers at Mazda of Orange. He said his reason for calling was unique and he needed our help. He had a long time customer that was looking for the exact car we had a 2012 Mazda 3 touring with sky-active technology. Because he needed our car he said they could put us in a 2013 or 2014 vehicle, cut our 17.5% interest rate which we had paid on time for 17 months (which he was looking at on his computer) in half, give us the options we wanted originally but couldn”t afford. And also give us all the incentives that were available so that our payments would be lower without any money out of pocket. We told him that we had not been thinking about a new car or trading ours, and we did not want to waste our time unless he could come through with all his promises. He said he could if we found a vehicle, if we didn”t he would at the very least refinance our current contract to half the interest rate. We felt that with all these incentives it would be to our advantage to give up our car. We arrived at Mazda of Orange Saturday 6-8-2013 met with Larry Taylor who handed us off to one his salesmen so that we could Inspect our vehicle and choose a car we liked. We found a 2013 Mazda 3 5 door with a $1500 (sun roof/Bose system) option. Then it was time to get it financed we were introduced to the Finance manager who started an application as if he did not know of all the promises Larry Taylor(who was gone for the day) made. Our existing contract was 17.5% on $20, 650 $446/mo., the best offer he had on the 2013 was 9% on $23, 250 ($1500 of it was our supposedly free option) and $440/mo. payments. He told us the only way was if we could come up with a down payment. We told him this was not acceptable after all the promises that were made. He was very rude from that point, said he would be back. He came back 15 minutes later told us he could not help us and left. After wasting 4 hours and gas, we left that dealership Humiliated and Angry beyond words. I don”t know if there”s any recoup for us, but this bait scam needs to stop I”m sure we are not the only ones scammed. So far no more calls from Larry Taylor. What can be done ? Thank You, Richard Rios ([protected]

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