Mazda of Bedford Pittsburgh Pennsylvania


Complaint: My wife and I purchased a certified pre-owned Mazda from this dealer about a month ago. While everything in the purchasing process went smoothly, dealing with Mazda of Bedford after the sale has been a nightmare. After getting the car home, we discovered that the car was missing the driver’s side front floor mat-an item that is clearly listed as required on the Mazda Certified Pre-Owned inspection checklist. Since we had driven 2+ hours from out of town to purchase this car, I called our sales rep and asked to have the mat mailed to us. He agreed. When I didn’t receive anything for over two weeks, I called back, and after a couple of unreturned voicemails, I finally managed to reach our sales rep again. It turns out that he had mailed the mat to the wrong unit in our apartment complex, having failed to confirm my address with me before mailing or check his records against the address listed on the purchasing paperwork. I’ve checked with the residents of the apartment where the mat was mistakenly sent three times now, and they claim they haven’t received anything. Instead of admitting his error and offering to make this right, our sales rep was unapologetic and implied he couldn’t do anything until the Mazda of Bedford received the mistakenly-mailed mat back. When I asked for them to just mail a mat to the correct address this time, they said they couldn’t do so until a manager signed off on it. After two more days of being given the “just waiting for the manager”” runaround

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Address: I’ve given up all hope of ever getting the mat that was supposed to be in the car. Throughout this entire process

Website: has been very disappointing. While he has been nothing but courteous to me

Phone: every contact with our sales rep

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