Complaint: Mr Saquet hired me as a Manager at his Record Label based in NYC. I was handling 80% of the business and honestly, made it successful. Unfrtunately Mr Saquet is the kinda boss who spends the company’s money on personal expenses (bank statements stated shoe stores, hair salons etc..). After 3 months of patience, I came up to a point where I could not afford my MTA CARD, but also could not afford to go on with my daily tasks: couldn’t pay my vendors, Mr Saquet wanted me to lie to clients so they could not see what was really going on. In the meantime, 3 big amounts got wired (I was aware of all transactions), Mr Saquet took this money to refund himself because of a mistake I did, so he kindly told me not to complain because this whole situation was my fault ! :/ So all this money have never been allocated to his employees (At this time we were 4 people expecting our money). In Mid February, he gave me a check fro December’s Salary. This is the last paycheck I cashed from this A%**$$e. When I told him that I wanted to quit he asked me to sign a termination letter in exchange of the money he owes me. I refused to sign it because there was a non competition clause. So he simply replied to me that it was his way or the highway, meaning forget your money ! I hired a lawyer who negotiated with him for the past 2 months. My lawyer just quit my case because Mr Saquet is not willing to give me even a Penny. Now I just filed a claim at the DOL and file an action at the Civil Court where I will have to act Pro Se, because I have no money to get a lawyer who can help me. I need people to know how much this guy is ruining my life, I cant sleep at night because I can’t pay my rent while he owes me a 5 digits amount. Please HELP.

Tags: Employers

Address: 540 broadway 5th floor new york, New York United States of America

Website: www.mbmrecords.com/


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