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Complaint: I Went to McDonalds one evening to grab me a small coffee through the drive through. I asked for a small coffee, the employee asked if I wanted creamer and sugar. I said yes, two creamers, 6 sugars and told her thank you. She gave me my total and I drove around. I paid for my coffe and she gave it to me and I asked her, where is my sugar and creamer. She stated that it was already in it, they have a new machine that mixes it already. I thought, cool idea. As I pull off, I tasted the coffee and immediately realize this is not regular sugar. I am allergic to sweetners, I know the taste automatically. My doctor has not found out what it is that I cant have in sweetners as of yet but He told me not to use sweetners for anything. It causes my throat to swell up and causes me to not breath as I should. I drive back around to park my car and go inside the restaurant. I go to the order area and tell the employee my problem. As I am speaking to her my throat starts itching and Im getting worried. I ask what was in the coffee and she said she didnt know. I told her I needed to know and I want a refund. She apologizes, another employee comes over and she is telling her about my situation. She gives me my money but never goes over to get the manager which was right around the corner. This child knew nothing of how to handle this. The manager pops around the corner which I have known for years and I go to him with my problem , i realize I am a little frantic and try to calm down. He blames me for not knowing about the machine. He highly upset me by the way he handle this. He said I should have let the drive through employee that I wanted regular sugar. This girl did not give me a choice of what I wanted let alone let me know about the way their coffee was being made. There were no signs or info on windows about the new coffee machine. first of all, the employee asked me if I wanted sugar, she never stated what kind. when someone ask me for sugar, I assume this is regular sugar. The machine used sweetner and no one is aware of this. I automatically went to the hospital parking lot and sat for 15 minutes to make sure my throat didnt swell to bad. I had only tooken a very small sip and Thank God It wasnt more. my throat had itched terribly a very small amount of swelling happend. Quite a few people told me I probably had a case but Im dont want to take this place to court. I just want them to let people be aware of this new way of making coffee. I dont know if the manager changed the way they do things over there yet, I havent been back for coffee. This is why I am reporting this. Please becareful of what you are getting at this McDonalds. I was surprised at how the manager handled this. I had always thought of him as a very nice man, concerned about his customers needs, very inviting and made the people feel comfortable. I found out what kind of man he really was that evening. Anna farmville, VirginiaU.S.A.

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