McDougall Gauley Law Firm Partner Gordon Hamilton has serious legal woes Florida


Complaint: Gordon D. Hamilton, partner at McDougall Gauley Law Firm in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan is named as a Defendant in a very serious law suit, a law suit which alleges privacy violations, abuse of office as well as sexual harassment, by certain of the Defedants. It is alleged that Hamilton, while acting as a Commissioner of the Sask Ministry of Justice’s FCAA department abused his power, violated privacy laws, created false and fraudulent statements which interfered in a legal proceeding, abused his discretion and allowed witnesses to perjure or suborn perjury, all with the goal to obtain a conviction as opposed to obtaining fair proceedings and seeking the truth. Hamilton will also be in the “hot seat”” come the appeal process of a FCAA Hearing when expert witnesses from across North America will be on the stand to confirm Mr. Hamilton’s bias and corruption during those proceedings. These witnesses

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Address: upon reviewing the evidence


Phone: were shocked and in “”horror”” at Hamilton and his cohorts (John Paul Robinson and Peter Carton’s) outright abuse and bias. These will be interesting times for Hamilton. It should be noted the Ministry of Justice’s FCAA has never used him again in any hearing proceedings after the one that unraveled his credibility and name.”

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