McKinley Resources, Inc.


This is a fraudulent


My Complaint: After applying for the position on or i received an email from jesse cox. mr “cox” suggested that i download alexander maccutler to my instant messenger. i did and an interview was scheduled for the next morning. criminals get up very early! we proceeded to go through the interview process, which i remained skeptical about…once i was offered the position i was told i would get a 200 dollar sign on bonus and a 500 dollar training bonus. he said that id start the following day and after a few weeks two reps would come and help me fill out w2 forms. well, me being the person i am, this raised an eye brow! so, i sent back, did you mean w4? i knew it was a fraud then. so after telling me i’d have to cash the check mailed to me and buy the pieces for the position online, it was clearly a bunch of bull****! i typed the company’s name into the google search engine and found this page, as i knew i would. i then sent the link to the page to mr maccutler and declined the position! this is awful. find something else to do besides wasting other’s time!!! some folks are really looking for honest work!



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