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This company is a non-performer and has lost my investment or defrauded me to steal my money. I am aware of close to $100,000 of client assets that have not been recovered and all are without the alleged grants that they were guaranteed by contract. I am pursuing prosecution of this company and its number of complicit parties: George H. Knight (Twin Eagles Fly LLC), Clifton Sneed (Managing Partner), Wendell Smith (Global Grant Manager), Anthony Sneed (Chief Underwriter), Lori Henderson (Admin). They claim to have been in the grant business for over 12 years but their company was registered in Wyoming in late 2011 and their website August of 2011. When asked to provide evidence or a valid explanation of why this did not match what I was told they provided a flippant response u201cu2026we are a no nonsense firm and only work with serious clients. I will inform admin not to process your applicationu2026u201d Guess asking a question is off limits with these no nonsense non-performers. They claim to have a relationship with a private Foundation that has been providing grants for 29 years. So when my contract came up for payout, I reached out to my consultant and he told me that MCS and the Foundation lost my investment in the Cyprus banking debacle. They have now since gone silent on me. They claim to be able to provide: Leverage Grants, Second Chance Loans, Affordable Health Care Grants, Private Capital Enhancement, Debt Elimination Grants. If you want any additional information or join my effort to prosecute then email me at (((redacted))) Either way, if you have been defrauded by these clowns please outline your experience so that they do not take any other peoples hard earned money. Wyoming Business Registration: Search Filing ID u201c2011-000609702u201d Registered initially in October 2011 Registered Agent u2013 Wyoming Corporate Services Inc 1712 Pioneer Avenue, Suite 101 Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001 Phone: 800-990-0433 [email protected] [email protected]

1712 Pioneer Avenue, Suite 1689 Cheyenne, Wyoming USA

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