MDX Expressway Miami Florida


Complaint: 836/Dolphin Expressway is a toll road. 826/Palmetto is not. We live close to the Palmetto Expressway and have always used 87th Avenue to get on to the Palmetto. Now MDX has expanded their higway system with an exit from Northbound Palmetto to 836 West. There was a lot of construction and they also built a new ramp to the Palmetto going North from 836 and 87th Avenue. After they have partially finished their building project they installed electronic tolls at 87th Avenue. Now we are being charged every time when we are going to the Palmetto, even we are not using 836/Toll Road. In order to avoid charges we have to use now surface streets to go to 25th Street and on to the Palmetto. Their practices are unfair to people who only use the Palmetto to go to work. Their excuse for the construction was to get people of the surface streets. Now we are back on the surface streets in order not to get charged for a highway we are not using.

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