Meadowlands Decorating Center Review


This has nothing to do with personalities. Yvonne is a nice person with a pleasant personality, Carl is a bit stoic but a relatively nice guy. This has to do with the work they produce. It’s awful. They have taken no responsibility for the cracking of the upholstery on the sofa they tried to repair. The cracking began to happen about 3 months after the sofa was delivered. I called them they came over and looked at the sofa, they blamed the supplier and said they would need to contact them before doing anything. That was over 5 months ago. they haven’t returned my 11 or so phone calls. Fortunately the $1300 won’t ruin my life but it just shows how much they care about customer service and doing the right thing. Remember you can have more faith in a negative review than in a positive one. I can’t believe they have treated the majority of their clients the proper way. Zero is more than they deserve as rating.

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