Meagan Stoneburner – Pekin, Illinois Illinois


Meagan is the epitome of filth. She is a married woman that has 3 children, however, she has already had 2 children removed from her custody due to the FACT that she is unable to care for them. She has addiction issues that include snorting pain killers, cocaine, and alcohol. She began having an affair with a man she worked with (the man has 5 children and a beautiful wife.) She lured him in by telling him that her husband was physically abusive and many other sob stories. That were proven to be untrue. She was caught having sex outside of her car in an open parking lot, and continued to have this affair and neglect her young son. She continued to or to her husband about her whereabouts all hours of the nights, and come to find out, she was staying the night at the married co workers mother’s home having sex with him. She will lie to anyone about anything. She currently is employed as a CNA at Timbercreek in Pekin, IL. She is a drug abuser and physically abusive to children. I suggest anyone who comes into contact with her tread carefully.

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