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Complaint: 5458 N Winchester, AJ, AZ 85119 Buyer for above property called Friday and was told that even though the service is at the pole across from the 5 acre parcel with 1998 home that they are “unwilling to install service””. This buyer is requiring service in order to purchase a home in either Apache Junction or Gold Canyon due to an international job he holds and a work from home data entry job his wife has. The agent for the listing on this home (Scott) called on Thursday or Friday —prior to the buyers call —- and was told a work order had been started to request installation (but they doubted they could or would do it. It seems the owner of the home (since it was built in the late 1990’s) inquired 5 or 6 years ago and was told it was not profitable for them to do an install as the home is on the West side of the 660′ wide parcel requiring about 400′ of cable and it would require a booster (at Mediacom’s expense) so again it was not in their interest to install the service to this one home. You can see the internet box on the poles in front of many of the surrounding homes that range from 1 acre to 5 acres. My client would like to purchase this home but is waiting on the installation of the internet to be assured it will be installed and will work so that it won’t interfere with his nor his wife’s employment. Isn’t there something like the FCC or Attorney General Consumer Complaint Department to take care of discrimination of consumers??? Monday am Scott will be calling the AZ AJ/Gold Canyon office to again try to get service installed

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