Meditub NSL Utah Review


Save yourself money and frustration. Don’t do business with SpaWorld/Meditub! nPromises are not kept, calls are not returned, reimbursements promised never happen and warranties are not honored. Customer service is nonexistent with this company. nI purchased a walk-in tub from Spa World/Meditub in July of 2007. It was defective upon arrival although I didn’t realize that at the time. Everything looked fine but upon installation, the problems started. There were leaks in the piping, the jets, and the pump. The diverter had to be replaced. It took us 6 months to get it working properly and stop the leaks, all at my expense. nThroughout this time, I was in continual contact with the company but to no avail. As referenced above, promises were not kept, calls were not returned and the reimbursement promised never happened. nFinally I moved on. nAs time went on, though, I realized I had to do something about the tub door which was extremely hard to close, especially for the 83 year old woman for whom the tub was purchased. After contacting SpaWorld/Meditub, I got the same run-around for three months. Replying to their final query as to what they could do for me, I answered that I expected the warranty to be honored and the defective workmanship (The door is improperly placed.) repaired. At that point, all communication ceased.

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