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Complaint: I created a beautiful page as an organizer who holds free and low cost health and spiritual practice events. I thought Meetup would be a good place to get the word out in our local area. I WAS SO WRONG. After hours of getting friends and local like minded people to join my new page and not to mention the hours creating the page and adding events etc….I get this email! Our Community Team reviews each newly-created Meetup Group to see if it’s a good fit for our platform. When we took a look at your Meetup Group, xyz we determined that it wasn’t in line with our Group Community Guidelines. You can check them out here: As a result, we’ve closed your Meetup Group. Sorry about that. Don’t worry, we’ve also refunded your Organizer Dues. It may take 3-7 business days for that refund to appear on your account. Please confirm receipt directly with your card issuer. We appreciate your interest in Meetup! Best, Meetup HQ ARE THEY GOD???? They didn’t even have the decent business professionalism to say “we noticed xyz and feel it is a violation of our terms you have 24hrs to remove it etc”” NOTHING and when I emailed them so bewildered not even understanding what I did wrong they had an EVEN RUDER response…. I am so angry These people are completely NOT professional and think they have the monopoly on social networking!! Oh don’t bother calling them…you will not get anywhere because the customer service people do not handle ANYTHING according to Lianae (representative) who couldn’t even tell me what I did wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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