Mega yacht mart inc fort lauderdale Florida Review


After working in the yachting industry for over a decade it’s a shame that a business such as Mega Yacht Mart is still in business. I placed a number of for consignment with their business late 2013 and sure enough they all sold quite quickly. As per their agreement payments would be made on the 15th of every month for any items sold. I was due to receive payment for a number of items in January 2014 and it’s now april 24, 2014 and i’m still no closer. The staff are fantastic but after 20 or more phone calls it seems like they are reluctant to pay. They did cut a check for the second payment but it was printed with the wrong name, which in my opinion allows them time to not pay. I am currently awaiting for a payment of 2238 which is 50% of their sale price. I have now taken legal representation due to their inability to give me any solid information and or payment. Should you be looking to sell something marine or yachting related, I would highly suggest do not use Mega Yacht Mart for any of it! As a sign of good business skills, Stewart Donaldson does not respond to any calls or emails.

1918 S. Andrews Ave Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA

(954) 533-8837

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