Megabus Texas Review


I am writing to request a refund for 2 tickets I purchased from contacted customer service in good faith and they are not willing to resolve my issue. it is my sincere desire that this beresolved promptly and efficiently.I belive am well within my rights to request a refund as I was not provided the service I paid for, nor the service theyadvertise.I originally purchased 2 one-way tickets from San Antonio, TX to Austin, TX on 11/29/15 leaving at 8:30 pm, for a price of $51.50.The bus was over 2 HOURS late in arriving. Not to mention, that since the company does not have terminals to keep costs down, we were made to wait that time outside, in a parking lot, in the extreme cold. I understand having to wait a reasonable amount of time, but 2 hours is far beyond that spectrum, and is not only unreasonable but inhuman.After multiple attempts to contact customer service for even a basic update of the situation, I found out that the call centers had been closed for several hours. This is extremely irresponsible and inconsiderate. Megabus website also provided false information stating that the bus had arrived at 8:28 pm when this in fact was not the case. It arrived at 10:30 pm. The company was very quick to take my money in the promise of providing timely and efficient services, yet when these were not provided there was no one available to even provide the most basic and expected amount of customer service or information.When I tried to seek alternate methods of transportation there were none available and I was left stranded in a parking lot. Not to mention that I was relying on the timely arrival of the bus to make an appointment in Austin that I obviously did not make. I am now having to deal with the financial and professional repercussions of missing that meeting and it is directly due to Megabus not providing the service it advertises, aservice I paid for.To make the situation even worse, when the bus finally arrived we were given no explanation as to why it was late and when prompted for any kind of information the bus driver and attendant were extremely rude and aggressive. This I assume, is not the image Megabus wants its employees, who are a reflection of your company, to give the public. Especially those who are severely distressed due to a lack of punctuality.In Megbus terms and conditions listed on the website it states:”Alternatively where megabus fails to provide on time-reliable service for reasons wholly within our control refunds

or alternative travel arrangements

may be offered.””For this very reason I am kindly requesting a refund of the price of my two tickets ($51.50).Service was clearly not provided on time

was not reliable

and since we were not given a reason or explanation *customer service was not open and website offered none* and when requesting information from an employee ofthe company were given none *we were met with rudeness and lack of an explanation* I assume the reasons were entirely within Megabus’s control. Particularly because the behavior of the employees and the providing of basic information (both over the phone and on the website) falls within Megabus control.In conclusion

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