Megan Allison Fendley – Mobile, Alabama Alabama


ATTENTION HOE ALERT! Okay so this is Megan Allison (Fendley) Her and a guy shes been talking to on facebook for a month came over to stay the night with me and my boyfriend. Well they were there for a few days. She was giving out plenty signs that she was a h*e and her intentions were more on my boyfriend because he has his own vehicle and trailer..might i say that his parents pay for. It was time for them to go home. We dropped him off then her next. She insisted she was leaving her stuff so she can come back and get it. Granted me and my boyfriend do not live together. I get to my house I go to get her stuff out so she can get it from me instead of having to meet up with him alone. He had a big problem about it and kept all her stuff with him. He now has been ignoring my calls for a couple days. She then blocked me on facebook after I asked if they had something going on. She explained not all girls are the same trying to sleep with your man. That shes been that girl. Shes not like that at all. Well i get a call this morning from his landlord that hes not paid rent in 3 weeks. If i had anything at his house to come get it. Hailee Westhoff and i pull up. The landlord meets us there. He comes outside then refuses to let me inside to get my stuff. The landlord cuts the power on him. He then has to beg to get inside because megan locked him outside. I finally get inside. I notice he has no underware on and that her pants are inside out in the bedroom floor. i cannot tag her sge has blocked me. #CantTrustNobodyHoesAreDecieving

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