Megan Dechant – Overland Park, Kansas Kansas


I know that my ex husband bares some of the blame as well, but this fake bitch knew he was married and told him on many occasions, “It really sucks that you’re married” and “I really wish we could be together all the time” constantly putting pressure on him to leave me, a 10 year marriage and his 3 kids. She spread her legs just days after meeting him and used sex to manipulate her way into his life. She and she alone is responsible for ruining my marriage. Now she’s all alone once again, and recently moved to a new town to begin her home-wrecking quest all over again. She tried to ruin both of our lives and I can admit that I was down and out for a while, but I have bounced back better than ever. She’s the one that has to get up each morning and look at her fake, nasty, caked on makeup wearing home-wrecking self in the mirror. I almost feel sorry for her, almost… Fake bitch!

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