Megan Errett – Springdale, Arkansas Arkansas


Meet Megan Errett. She started talking to my fiancÚ the moment she found out he was out of town for work. KNOWING that we were days from our wedding. 50 days in fact. She even was aware that I was pregnant at the time. I tried to make contact with her multiple times and she avoided any form of contact I initiated. All I wanted was answers. || My fiancÚ had clearly walked out and wasn’t intending on coming home. At first I thought it was cold feet, but clearly Megan knew more than I did. They actively went on public dates and even proceeded to go on a trip to St. Louis that my fiancÚ and I had planned together to get away before our wedding. || Not only did he take her, but also took her son along as well. Take a good look and say hi to the girl that wrecked my realationship, my marriage, and also cause my miscarriage.

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