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i have now received at least 20 of these emails. each time from a different email address of course. each time it tells you about a casting notice for a big tc show with usually an A-list talent involved, and signs with “megan hoffman”” at the bottom. you reply

then get an auto email back asking for your vital stats and upon sending that back to them

you get a third email this time with a link to a website that then asks you to pay 20 bucks to get access to casting notices. the reason i know it’s an auto email from them is that i have many times written back something like “”f**k you very much”” and did NOT write the name of the show in the subject line as they requested

and of course STILL get the email back

which says “”Thank you for your interest in auditioning for the CBS show “”CSI: Cyber””! We have received your email and we’re now getting back to you.This newest spinoff of “”CSI”” stars Patricia Arquette

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