Megan Marie Morgan – Byram, Mississippi Mississippi


My husband and I seperated in october. SHE is in the picture on the LEFT. HER name is Megan Marie Morgan from Byram, MS. She is 23 years old, has a son with no father, and still lives with mommy. Not a student and has no job. I am on the RIGHT. I am a 20 year old Veterinary Technician in Nursing School. Yes I am being vain when I say it was a SERIOUS downgrade. Apparently her and my husband were “good friends” for years before we started dating. Funny thing is, I never ONCE heard about her in the 4 years we were together. One random night, while working out of town 2 hours away, POS decided to text her (how convenient that he remembered her number from 7 years ago). And she “begged him to hang out”, so he did. I only found out because I found this picture of her in his truck dated a month before we even seperated. I was at home with our 2 year old son. We seperated because he told me he “didn’t love me anymore” yet during our seperation screwed this “beauty” and made numerous friendships with LITTLE GIRLS, some 17 years old. All while trying to reconcile with me at least one a week.

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