Meghan Kelly McCormickm – Plainview, New York New York


I think that this doctor gets really tired of saving people’s lives in an ER because she spends most of her non-working time destroying people’s them. She has been cheating with a married man with children for almost 7 years. He told her on multiple occasions that he will never leave his wife and he really tried to end it with her many times but she has been determined to break up the marriage nevertheless. She even got a job in the same hospital where he works so that he couldn’t avoid her. Moreover, she knew from the very beginning when she came on to him that he is married. This woman has no conscience or morals. She is desperate to find a husband and she couldn’t care less who gets hurt in the process. She already destroyed one marriage and literally the lives of innocent children that will have to grow up without a dad around and most likely she will destroy others as it seems that despite destroying the marriage he is not sticking around and already found someone else. Ladies on LI – watch out.

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