MEIERS GAME PROCESSING salt lake city Utah Review


I harvested an elk this year withi a late season limited entry Bulll Elk which it 12 years to get through the DWR drawing process. But the hunt went to being very excited to being ripped off by Meiers (thieves) game processing. I harvested my elk late afternoon on Friday 11/13/15 got it clean out and had to leave it on the mountain because I was a mile in the canyon and it started to get dark and the temperature was dropping quick. Got to my truck and went home which was about a 2 hour drive, got up the next morning and had my brother, son and my nephew go back to where my elk was. We hiked back up the canyon got to my elk which had frozen over night drug it back to my truck which was no easy task dragging a 525 lb. elk and got back to my house late that afternoon on 11/14/15, I knew my elk would not be in danger of the meat going bad because of the cold weather. I called Meiers the nex morning 11/15/ to see if they could take my elk in to get processed and the guy said I could bring it in, the elk was fully dressed but cleaned out. That was a very,very bad decision in my part. I dropped off my elk which weighed 525 lbs and still partially frozen, Since it was my first bull elk I wanted it to be processed and packed professionally. I called Meiers the next day 11/16/15 on Monday to pick up my elk hide, Meiers said the skinner didn’t come in that day. Now I’m starting to get worriied because the hide has come off so the meat can stay cool and not go bad, I call again on 11/17/15 to get my hide they said its not ready and to call back tomorrow. On 11/18/15 four days later I call again to see if was ready they said to call back in the afternoon, I did and my elk was finally skinned. I’m thinking that my elk was being taking care of and hopefully nothing goes wrong. I called on 11/20/15 to check on my elk and see what the status was. I talked to the receptionist and the owner to see how long its going to take to get my elk back, Mrs. Meiers said they like age them, I told her that I didn’t want it to age and would like to have it cut fresh. She said she would rush it. So I didn’t hear any thing from Meiers until I called them on 11/30/15, so much for rushing it, the receptionist said she couldn’t find any record of my elk or find my name, I told them that’s not good. I get a call that afternoon and Meiers said my elk was done, I was very happy for the good news until i ask how much meat I was getting back and she said 70 lbs.. When I heard that I got sick to my stomach. I asked how can 525 lb elk get reduced to 70 lbs. The receptionist said see didn’t know so she got Mrs. Meiers on the phone to explain. She simply said that the elk was sour. My reaction was WHAT??? I told her that the elk I brought in was a fresh harvest and no way that it was sour, it partially frozen when I brought it in. Mrs. Meiers said she remembers when I brought it in and it was sour then. She was no where around when I brought it in. If was sour it was because the way my elk was handled and I still have a very hard time believing that it was sour. I asked Mrs Meiers why it wasn’t skinned the next day after I brought it in. She said that they skin it right when it’s brought in, sure it was – 4 days later. Then I asked her why didn’t they call me to let me know that it went sour. She said the I should of let them know if there was a problem I should of let Meiers know to call me. How was supposed to know that there was going to be a problem. So I argued for a few minutes with Mrs. Meiers about when was it cut up, she didn’t know. She didn’t know that my elk was skinned four days later. So I paid 3 Franklins for 70 lbs of meat off of a 525lbs elk. I was totally pissed off and was sick for a couple of days because of all the hard work, time and money I put into this hunt. 12 years of applying fees and Liscence fee and 1 week of vacation time just to have Meiers steal from me. What can I do to stop Meiers from stealing from other hard working hunters harvest and mine

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