Meijer harrison twp. Michigan Review


After purchasing a case of beer that was currently on sale for $13.48, I realized that they had charged me $14.99. By this time I had already left the store. So upon returning to the store to get the difference, plus my $5.00. I was told that I was only entitled to the difference. nThis in spite of the fact that they looked up the item in the current circular. Which to me eliminates the human error loop hole.They obviously did not adjust the computer to reflect the sale price. nThis is exactly what the law was meant to address. I was told that the item was not individually marked, and so I was not entitled to the five dollars. I will be reporting this to the Attorney General. Further more I will no longer shop at any Shifty Acres. nPS. as a side bar I later realized that the price on the case of beer was actually marked @ $14.79. nTimnHarrison Township, MichiganU.S.A.

15055 Hall Rd. Utica, Michigan U.S.A.


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