Meijer Store Plainfield Illinois Review


I saw many listings on here for problems with Meijer in many states. My experience has been very frustrating and ongoing. Unfortunately, they sometimes have good deals, but you must shop with more than one person so one can unload the items and the other can watch the prices scanned. I would guess that at least 5 to 10 percent of the items do not scan properly. It takes a very long time to get the correct prices verified, and I have literally had to leave the line, got to a display and remove the sign, just to prove my point when rudely told by an ignorant employee that I was wrong. nNow I see this is happening all over. Perhaps Meijer company needs to be investigated or their management team needs to step it up. English as a first language would be helpful too. nHere are a few more issues I have with them:nNever a sufficient number of registers open.nCan’t find someone to help you, except in the women’s department-the ladies there are good.nI have seen the cart collectors leaning on carts talking on their cell phone, a young male employee hugging the shelf of cans pretending to be organizing them while he was on his cell phone. Never sufficient people behind the deli counter, and the management there needs to tell their employees that the plastic gloves they wear are not to protect THEIR hands. It’s to keep our food sanitary, so stop scratching your face, moving your hair, moving dirty items around, and then keeping on the same gloves to cut my meat. I will NEVER purchase anything from that deli. nThey need some great deals now to get me in there. Money is more difficult to come by, time is money, and they always waste my time there. nSavvy consumernPlainfield, IllinoisU.S.A.

Rt 59 In Plainfield Plainfield, Illinois U.S.A.

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