Mel Parson Wilfong West Virginia West Virginia


My ex husband works in the oil and gas field and he worked his butt off to provide for his family so when he wanted a guys night or to go play some golf I was cool with that, he deserved it. Mel was working at the golf course as the bar tender. Thats how they met. He went and played golf with a buddy and got her number and then came home and said he was going to have drinks with his buddy. His buddy had to go to work but my ex called and said he was waiting on a guy friend to come meet him who he hasn’t seen in a few months.What I found out later was he went to her house and picked her up and went back to the bar with her. They left the bar and went to a strip club and had sex outside of the strip club in his truck. I had been trying to call him all night to make sure he was ok bc we always texted each other. He didn’t answer till 4 hours later. Said he left his phone in the truck that he was sorry and he loved me and that he would be home in 30 min. The bar ( I checked the bank records so I knew where he was) is not even a block from the house. I waited an hour and he didn’t show up. I started to worry. With no phone call or nothing he shows up at the house 5hours later. Drunk off his ass. He takes a shower and gets in bed with me. I get up in the morning and his phone goes off I didn’t want him to wake up so I take his phone in the kitchen. There has never been any reason to not trust him so I never look in his phone. But the message was on the screen. It said I hope we didn’t do anything stupid. MEL. Ok to me that could have been a guys name I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I got my phone and said I had to change my number and pretended to be him. She told me everything I needed to know. How they met, where she worked, where she lived, what they did, even sent me pictures. (Stupid Blonde).He got up and had to go to some errands. I didn’t want to blame her if she didn’t know he was married because lets face guys will lie and it she may not have known. Well as he went to run errands I went to her to confront her did I beat her ass hell no, did I want to afterward pretty much. But I had two kids to think about. I told her everything that he was a married man with two kids asked if she knew she said yes. I asked why she did what she did then. She said because she didn’t care and she wanted too. Over the next few months I tried to work on my marriage but little did I know they were still seeing each other the whole time. I called it quits in November when he had been with her the night before ( red dress pic) and then we had sex on Thanksgiving which was the next day!!. || I decided my girls and I needed some time away. We went out-of-town to visit family and I had people calling me telling me the went out-of-town together to buy Christmas presents for our kids. I don’t care who he sees but you would think when you find out he’s a married man you would leave him. Gold digger!! This is not the first marriage she had made ended in divorce either!!

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