Melanie Grace – Clovis, California California


She is the ex girlfriend of my now Recent ex boyfriend from 15 years ago. No contact what so ever between the 2 UNTIL she searched him out and called him this last March. I’ve spent the last 7 years with this man and love him very very much. She found out he had a Girlfriend and would blow up his phone. I intercepted A voicemail she left telling him to find time later in the week to “SNEAK” away with her. Another message was “I’m sad, I need more Jeremy in my life ” On 3 different occasions I answered his cell because I saw it was her calling and every SINGAL time she hung up without saying a word. One time she immediately called back, again, said nothing and hung up when I answered. A situation occurred where he and I had been staying, and I left to stay elsewhere, while he stayed there. Within days of my leaving there, she was there forcing her way in. This DESPERATE NEEDY ATTENTION SEEKING WHORE IS MARRIED WITH 2 YOUNG BOYS. She has her husband convinced that she and Jeremy are friends. Others from that house have heard and seen the after math of many escapades. Even Jeremy just today, lied to her husband about the ongoing affair. JEREMY BERG is almost as much to blame, but I blame her more because of her SELFISH pushy ways on making her unwanted presence in Jeremys life and for destroying my entire world.

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