Melanie Loredo – San Antonio, Texas Texas


This skank isn’t your friend if your man is interested in her she’ll act like she’s all about girl power and act like she’s not the type of person to be into that . She’s supposedly allll about God but does ungodly things lol. Me and my (idk wtf we are now bc this) were together for a year and we were together before in the past but nothing serious. I am currently pregnant with his first child. And this past December I had gone down to Houston to let my daughter have some time with her dad over the holiday season . No I didn’t tell my bd because he would have gotten upset. But I was thinking of my daughter. AND NOTHING EVER HAPPENED WITH HER DAD AND I. Just want to clarify that. || I was ten weeks pregnant at the time . Well during my time there I get get a heart breaking call from my mom. My dad had past away suddenly from a pulmonary embolism ?? me and my dad were extremely close. So I had to have her dad take me and my daughter down to my dads house back in Ingram tx my mind was racing having all these emotions not even a day before I had just talked to my dad so I was really really hurt. My bd then found out about my Trip to Houston and blew up on me but I wasn’t in the state of mind at the time to argue I shut everyone out family started arguments and the struggle to pay my dads funeral and bills piled up upon was absolutely the most stressful thing I’ve ever had to go through. Thinking my bd would understand my pain but he didn’t . Losing my dad was so hard for me. 2 weeks after my dad passed away I find out he was trying to talk to this girl Melanie. I messaged her nicely and she was like I have your back I can’t believe he would even try and talk to me like that blah blah blah all bs really. Me I was trying to be cool with her and I thought we were friends come to find out she all of usudden blocked me on fb and on iPhone messenger .. Kinda sketchy. || Well I find out he had gone to her house and he denies sleeping with her but … I don’t believe it. He told me she tried to pull off his pants. And he didn’t let her . I message her asking her if she blocked me bc she realized he and I were on talking terms again. I started getting really upset and told her to fuck off. After that he messaged telling her he wanted nothing to do with her and messing around with her was a mistake. Then a week later she tried messaging him again that her phone was broken and she wanted to see how he was doing. He then again messaged her and told her he wasn’t interested. I then got on his fb and messaged her myself since I had her blocked and told her to leave him alone.! I wouldn’t trust her to try and be your friend. And if your mans interested there’s a reason why. Don’t fall for her bs lies.

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