Melinda McQueen – Rushville, Indiana Indiana


Okay here’s what I failed to mention before because I was so angry. The fact is when this whole thing started six years ago she knew about me but he told me it was a mistake and he wanted to be with me. Since then she didn’t know anything about me. He’s going back and forth between us for six years without her having any knowledge of me after the first incident. So she’s just as much a victim in this as I am. He’s been playing both of us for the last 6 years. So please stop harassing her. I have chosen to remove myself from this terrible situation and I only hope that she will have the courage to leave it as well. She and I both deserve better than someone who will play with our emotions like that. Melinda if you read this I’m sorry. If you can find it in your heart to forgive me I promise I will never bother you again. I didn’t mean to cause you any trouble or ruin your life. I was just so angry because he was going back and forth between us. I know you can be a sweet kind person and you’re very intelligent. You deserve better than him. We should both go off and find us men who will treat us like the diamonds we are. We both deserve someone who will treat us with the love and respect we deserve. I know that I’m probably going to get a lot of backlash for this and I’m prepared for that. I made a bad decision when I was emotional. I never meant to destroy her life over this. Again I’m sorry. Thank you.

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