Melissa Atchley – Portland, Oregon Oregon


This happens to be my upstairs neighbor, after a heated argument she had tried to come onto my boyfriend. She had a small get together and invited him up. He of course decided to hang with everyone instead of drinking alone. Melissa then decided it was a good idea, to get wasted, beg for a shoulder massage in front of her friends. She then proceeded to vomit on the floor and he took his leave. Since then, the bitch won’t say Hi to me, but she sure will when my boyfriend is out and about. She’s tried yelling at me for exposing her past. If you search her name, you find that she had completely vanished from her kids lives for over a year. Just vanished. There’s a serious history with drug use and prostitution. She also claims that she can get any guy to do as she pleases because she has a vagina. She will not take no for an answer.

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