Melissa Gepner/Leathers – McPherson, Kansas Kansas


My mother had been with a man named Donald for 2 years and Christmas 2013 they got engaged. 3 days after my mom had seen pictures on Facebook of Donald and Melissa together for her birthday. One of Melissa’s good friends had texted my mom the day after telling her that Melissa and Donald were together. She had also said that Melissa knew my mom and Donald were together but didn’t care. Donald is a plumber and had done “work” at Melissa’s house and that’s how they met. Donald and Melissa got married in August 2016. Donald has sent my mom texts saying he needs to keep his name on the deed to our house because if him and Melissa don’t work out he needs a place to fall back on and has also sent my mom inappropriate pictures of himself in Melissa’s house. Both of them are nasty.

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