Melissa Pruett Fort Dodge, Iowa Iowa


My husband and I had been having problems because he was going to the bar every night after work. One night he went with a coworker (male) and wouldn’t answer my calls and didn’t come home all night.  Of course I went looking for him to no avail. || He text me the next morning (September 23 2011) and said he passed out at his Friends house. I had a gut feeling, and of course did NOT believe his story. I am a very good investigator, and proceeded to tell him that I would find out who he was with, and I would beat the hell out of them BOTH! He came home after work that day and went straight to bed. He called our daughter in the room that was 17 at the time, and told her he had messed up big time and was crying, but did not go into details with her. She said mom, dad needs to really talk to you, so I went into the bedroom and he told me the truth, and that all he knew was her name was Melissa.  He explained what she looked like, so my investigation began! || I went to the bar and low and behold she was standing outside smoking!! I asked her if she was Melissa, and she said yes, I jumped out of my car and she was running backwards, crying saying PLEASE just hear my story. So I listened to her tell me that she had sat and had drinks with him, he told her he was married, had kids and grandchildren, and according to her she NEVER left the bar with him. I am a kind hearted person and she was crying, so I told her I would give her the benefit of doubt, BUT if I found out she was lying to me that I WOULD be back to give her the ass whooping she deserved! Well after talking to some people, I found out that she was LYING to me… I couldn’t find her for a few weeks, and once again I found her outside the bar smoking. I pulled over jumped out of my car and proceeded to chase her into the bar,( in which I was not allowed to go into due to being kicked out for a while) a friend of mine grabbed me and begged me not to go inside the bar as then I would have more charges than beating her ass. I would have trespassing charges due to being kicked out of there. I waited outside for a long time, and she didn’t come out. So I drove away KNOWING there would be a next time well a month later there was a next time, and the SAME thing happened!!! She knew I was NOT allowed in that bar, so she ran in again! I never did see her again. I was told she was scared to death and she had moved to another state. || I messaged her on Facebook asking her if she was ready to be a WOMAN and finally fess up to her LIES but I never got any response. I left my husband for a few weeks and then went back with his promises to come home from work and drink there instead of the bar. He has kept to that promise, and it’s been hard to bear the thought that he was with this UGLY skank, but if I wanted to keep our marriage, I had to move past this. I have forgiven him, but I will never forget! I don’t know how these ugly skank ass bitches can leave with a man they JUST met, and have sex with them, especially KNOWING he had a wife and kids and grandchildren because he told her all that! So let’s EXPOSE Melissa Pruett the HOME WRECKING AMAZON looking UGLY bitch!!! I’ve heard my hubby was not the only one too!!!

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