Melissa R. Snapp – Greencastle, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania


My fiancÚ and I were together 10 years. Melissa has worked at Dancers strip club for 9-10 years. So called FB friend my man around our 10 year anniversary and so called just had questions to ask him like where should I take my daughter to the hospital… She showed up in strange places where he was. My mom was diagnosed with ALS and while my mom was dying she was working her way in. I kicked him out shortly after my mom passed because he was hateful and mean to our children. Come to find out April 1 they have been together 16 mo. All this time him and I have been so called working things out… Going on dates… Having sex…. He’s just as quilty however I tried to friend her on FB, called her to invite to family stuff with the kids and I because he always said they were just friends. If it was me I would of been why is your so called ex asking me if I want to go to Kentucky kingdom. Weird… Warning sign the main women doesn’t know he’s screwing around and neither did you!!!

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