Melissa Williamson – Shreveport, Louisiana Louisiana


I was married to my husband just over a year. I started a new job and immediately befriended this girl Melissa Williamson. She was continuously complaining about how unhappy she was with her current fiancee. I gave her advice and we started hanging out. We became close, or, so I thought. So, I brought my husband around and they secretly exchanged numbers. The texting started. How I found out, all of a sudden, out of the blue, in the middle of the night, she calls his phone up crying. It escalated from there. || I was working one day, and I called him on my lunch break asking if he’d bring me lunch. His response? Oh, Melissa and I already had lunch. My response? So, your wife is at work and you didn’t think of me? Eventually, it got so bad, we went and picked her up in the middle of the night. I let her stay with us. Now mind you, I worked 10 hour days, only to come home one night, soaking wet and sore from my job. This little girl is going to tell me,”I don’t want to hear how tired you are. I cleaned your house.” Keep in mind she was 18. To top it off, I was driving home from work and my husband told me over the phone he wanted a divorce. Not only that, he kicked me out, let her stay and got her pregnant.

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