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Complaint: I am another individual who got hijacked by I originally had a memberhip with since March 20,2009. Under the original Terms & Conditions Registration Agreement provided unlimited acess to public records for a one time lifetime membership fee of $39.95. Then I tried logging on and was diverted to Memberslogin.orgo in May of 2011 after being a member of since March 20, 2009. The website was not as organized and user friendly as Some of the features from were no longer available on Then I was requested to do updates for more details on my searches at for additional fees. Seaches that were at no extra costs for more details are now having additional charges requested for them. I have requested additional technical support by email and do not get a response. There are no phone numbers or mail addresses for any further contacts. My next avenue of recourse is to file complaints with the Fedrral Trade Commission (1-877-382-4357) and other websites such as Ripoff I will continue to make more complaints and possibly try the Texas Attorney Generals Office (1-800-621-0508 Consumer Protection Hotline.) I would not let get away with consumer fraud as long as there are other avenues to make complaints and to warn others of this Rippoff!

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