Mercedes-Benz of Athens Athens Georgia


Complaint: They agreed to sell myself and my partner a vehicle and then accused us of exporting because someone had a similar name and address although they have no proof of this alleged action. They refused to refund the cost of my bank wire to the dealership and the cost to receive their wire for our refund. The manager Mike Daughtry was rude, disrespectful and unhelpful. When I asked for someone higher than him and he refused. I had to call the sister store to get the name of the general manager. I drove three hours and we spend two weeks jumping threw every hoop the dealership had and then they decided to wait until the last minute after they had already excepted our bank wire before they told they could not sell us the car. I think this whole things is a scam to over charge customers and raise prices so the dealers can make extra profits. They would not even refund $45 to cover our bank cost. i would never recommend this dealership to anyone. Stay away, there are better cars and dealers to purchase cars from.

Tags: Auto Dealers

Address: 4735 Altanta Hwy Bogart, Georgia USA


Phone: 706549600

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