Meri Golden – Braintree, Maryland Maryland


Watch out for this loser! I don’t know how she sleeps at night… it is beyond me. After having 4 miscarriages and then going through breast cancer while pregnant, my husband and I were beyond stretched. My baby and myself almost died during child birth… trying to adjust to being new parents, me going through multiple surgeries, our daughter needed surgery… you can say that we both were beyond stressed. My poor husband was trying to do his best to take care of us and then working at a high stress job – he was crumbling. This cunty douche canoe that he works with saw a weakness and pounced. She pretended to be a friend and listen to him… She kept at it and at it, baiting him and baiting him. Seriously, why did she think this was ok? Married men no matter what is happening at home are off the table- but not for this slut, she jumped right in at the first opportunity she had to be a total slut. Even knowing that I was home with a baby and recovering from breast cancer. My husband owned up to his part and admits that the thought of her makes him absolutely sick. In his words she was nothing but a “slam pig” and was the biggest single mistake of his life and he couldn’t even finish she was so gross and he was so drunk. She even had the audacity to tell me that my husband wasn’t in love with me anymore- OK sweetie, that’s why he’s here trying to still work things out even after all of this! That’s why he told you numerous times to keep your skank face away from him he was married. This girl is the lowest form of human! She is suppose to be a pillar in the community- someone to look up to – but sorry sweetheart your nothing but a used piece of trash that has been tossed that nobody cares about.

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