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Complaint: Metal Mafia Customs Inc was selected to convert my 1988 Harley Davidson Sportster motorcycle into a trike. John St.Clair the owner of Metal Mafia Customs picked up my bike July 2013. At that time MMC Inc had received $2500.00 from me to begin the trike conversion. During the month of August 2013 I travelled from Pitt Meadows British Columbia to Metal Mafia Customs which was then located at 1422 9th Street W, Bradenton, FL. and met with John to discuss the trike conversion. After our discussion about the conversion I gave John an additional $4500.00 cash which was to be used for my trike conversion. A few days later I returned to British Columbia. Total amount of cash given to John was $7000.00. After numerous inquiries as to how the conversion was going I was told that as soon as a few other jobs were completed the conversion to my motorcycle would begin. More time had passed and I was told by John that my motorcycle would be completed by Daytona Bike Week 2014. As Bike Week approached it was evident that my bike was not going to be complete. I asked John for photos of my bike and it was clear that little or no work had been done. I also asked when parts were going to be purchased for my bike and was told that they were at another location and would be on the bike when all fabrication work was completed. More time and months passed, I even moved back to Florida, visited John on numerous occasions in Bradenton and was given excuse after excuse after excuse as to why my bike wasn’t being completed while at the same time I was seeing other motorcycles being painted, reassembled and displayed on Metal Mafia Customs Inc Facebook page. John St.Clair of Metal Mafia Customs Inc is a dishonest business owner, an incompetent motorcycle fabricator, a lier, and a thief and I believe that John St.Clair of Metal Mafia Customs Inc was never going to complete the trike conversion. I removed my motorcycle from Metal Mafia Customs Inc July 29, 2014.

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Address: 811 11th Ave W Bradenton, Florida USA


Phone: 321-297-8432

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