Metropolis Model and Talent Management Toronto Ontario Review


Please be carefull metropolis model management is a huge scam. She scamed me before in agency called xcentric models and now she runs a agency called metroplis models whcih she tryed scamming my cousin . Any toronto models do not sign up with this agency. They make you pay 600 upfront and never will call you back after. The photographer is her father. Her boyfriends name is arash . Be really carefull they lie saying they are connceted with casting agents which is a huge lie. DONT GIVE THEM A DIME! ASK THEM IF YOU AROUND FOR MANY YEARS WHY DO U HAVE ONLY 3-4 JOBS ON YOUR BLOG. ALSO CHECK OUT THESE LINKS: (((link redacted))) (((link redacted))) (((link rwedacted)))

2 bloor street e Nationwide Canada


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