Mexican Timeshare Solutions Review


I’m writing here to tell everyone to stay away from doing business with Mexican Timeshare Solutions. You’d think they are a legit company given what you see on their website (, but my friend got scammed by them. | Even though they were supposed to help cancel her timeshare without upfront fees, my friend told me that they ultimately requested payment in order to supposedly do the cancellation. She trusted Mexican Timeshare Solutions and paid the fee, and then they never did anything to cancel the timeshare. | They even told my friend that her timeshare was cancelled but when my friend contacted the club, the club said that her timeshare membership was still in effect and she owed money to the club for unpaid maintenance fees. This is going to hurt her credit. Of course, she couldn’t get her money back from Mexican Timeshare Solutions, and I feel really bad for her. | Save your money and avoid timeshare cancellation scammers like Mexican Timeshare Solutions (


  • Name: Mexican Timeshare Solutions
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Hayward
  • Address: 247 Jackson St,
  • Phone: (888) 275-3595
  • Website:

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