Mia Medina – Los Angeles, California California


Its been a while but I thought I would get it off my chest!!!! I was with my boyfriend for 7 years and have 4 kids with him. Well this girl I knew Mia Medina started to come around alot more and even asked me to watch her kids… well we eventually became best friends… or so I thought. Turns out the entire time I was baby sitting it was so her and my then boyfriend could go do stuff together at his mother’s who we lived with. Went off on her one day when she came over calling her all kinds of names and telling her get the f**k out of her house and she saw her pick up her son a couple houses away I eventully left for a couple months I couldn’t believe she would do that to me. It was kinda expected of him but I welcomed this chick in my home. I called her everytime me and my man go in to a fight I confided in her, she was my go to person and to stab me in the back was so painful I told her I was going to leave him and she just agreed and said yes girl its time you leave and move on he’s no good for you (which was true) but still all so they could be together. I left with 4 kids it was soo hard at first but then I met this wonderful man I am now married to, the kids love him, we cut ties with my ex due to him trying to kill me in font of the kids after confronting him about their relationship. Well now even tho theres no contact with him she is posting pictures of my kids on her FB saying she cant wait for her step kids to come see them like no b!&_!!! I guess my main purpose of this post is to let other women who are going tho this painful time it gets better you move on you find that right person and your become happy again

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